TME Vision, Mission & Strategic Goals

Trader Media East Ltd.(“TME”)’s vision is to become the leading classified advertising transaction platform by providing our customer, best online and offline solutions, and generate high returns, which will create long term shareholder value.

TME is in a transformation stage where the revenues are shifting from traditional print media to digital, which is the conclusion of our once readers’ preference to use online resources more and more. As of the end of 2015, our digital revenues have surpassed the print revenues, in which the operation costs are less and the model is much more scalable. In this way, we are expecting to improve our profitability and extend the user base significantly.

We have a clear business plan in each country in line with our vision. In order to successfully manage transition from offline to online and also extend the life of print, we formed a new management team, composed of experienced and dynamic top management.

Our main competitive advantages are our well established relations with the professional clients in real estate and auto segments, our regional coverage in Russia and the CIS countries and our well-known brands, Iz Ruk v Ruki in Russia and CIS.