Russia & CIS
Revenue (for full year 2013) US$ millions Brand Coverage  
Publications 66.6 Number of publications 155
Websites 29.7 Number of websites 11
Russia and CIS are the key markets for TME which have increased their shares in 2013 versus 2012. In 2013, total shares of those regions in TME revenue were 100% (2012: 93%).

Pronto Moscow Group is operating in the Russian advertising market since the beginning of 1992, when it launched first title in Moscow. As of 2013, it has the largest network of around 155 print titles (2014 Aug - 125) which are published in over 50 cities in Russia, CIS countries and are distributed in around 60 cities.

There are more than 4,000 points for paid and free distribution of print titles only in Moscow and its immediate region.

Print portfolio of the Group includes classified products such as “Iz Ruk v Ruki”, vertical and niche classifieds and magazines such as “Rabota Segodnya”, “Iz Ruk v Ruki – Avto”, “Iz Ruk v Ruki - Commercial Avto”, “Vse Avto”, “Vsya Nedvizhimost”, “Vsya Rabota”, “Vsya Stroyka”, “Commercial Real Estate”, and other print titles.

Online portfolio includes leading internet resources and, as well as leading niche verticals, and other resources. The Group is also present in Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan with,,,,,,

The Group’s strategy set to perform transition from one of the leading print classified companies in Russia and CIS into powerful online transaction platform was continued in 2013. Our own software development team in Minsk, Belorussia develops tasks for,, Belorussia and Kazakhstan sites, as well as other commercial and infrastructural projects has given support successfully.

In 2013, Pronto Moscow has kept strengthening the position to become one of the strongest online players among “traditional” print media companies operating in Russia. The strategy of the group extensively utilizing its unique geographical presence and direct sales model that started in 2010, to reinforce the leadership in both online and print markets has been successful.
Our branch in St. Petersburg which was established in 2011 became the second biggest (after Moscow) online revenue operation in 2013.

We strategically decided not to invest further in printing business and to outsource instead. In this respect, existing printing operations in Moscow and Samara were closed and sold.